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Floor Marking Tapes

Safety and warning tapes for warehouses and shop floors

• Highly visible, heavy-duty tapes

• Mark floor areas with 2 color vinyl,   self-adhesive styles:

  Warning Stripes
       Overlaminated tape with
       standard OSHA safety stripes

  Marking Colors
       Plastic tape in ANSI solid colors

Floor marking color tapes
Pictured: Tapes # TF3X108 & TFL2X108
Warning Stripe Floor Tape Applications
      · Identify safety areas of physical hazards, fire protection, safety warnings, OSHA
        compliance and other traffic warning controls with striped taping
      · Striped tapes have a super tacky permanent adhesive and are overlaminated for
        additional protection against oil, grease, solvents and moisture
      · Available in standard OSHA 2-colors:
            Black/Yellow - caution: physical hazards, stairs, poles, corners, potential trip areas
            Red/White - danger: fire protection equipment and obstructions
            Black/White - boundaries: traffic and housekeeping areas

      · Warning Stripe Tape rolls have a choice of 2" or 3" width and 108' length

Marking Color Floor Tape Applications
      · Mark floors, walls, posts, equipment and other areas for traffic control, hazards,
        warnings, and other OSHA safety protection with ANSI solid color tapes
      · Solid color tapes have a self-adhesive durable 6 mil vinyl construction that retains its
        strength and can conform to a variety of surface shapes
      · Available in popular ANSI colors:
            Yellow - caution
            Red - fire protection
            White - traffic areas or housekeeping warnings
Marking Color Tape rolls are available in a 2" or 3" widths with a 108' length

Sample Floor Tape Strip
   · Simply note a Part # from the chart below, then complete the Sample request form
Sizes and Prices (specify color in shopping cart)

To order: click on a Part # to place in shopping cart

Tape Style

Tape Roll Size
W" x L'


Tape Roll
Part #
Warning Stripe 2" x 108' 1 roll 24.75
Warning Stripe 3" x 108' 1 roll 39.50
Marking Solid Color 2" x 108' 1 roll 9.50
Marking Solid Color 3" x 108' 1 roll 14.00
Note: to ensure better adhesive bonding to your floor, we recommend allowing 48 hours prior to permitting traffic in the area

   Floor Tape Options
      · Additional Warning Tape Stripe colors available as a special order:
            Magenta/Yellow - radiation hazards
      · Specialty Marking Tape solid colors available as a
special order:
            Blue - safety information, equipment location warnings
            Green - location of safety equipment, first aid, emergency egress routes
            Orange - unguarded machine hazards, dangerous machine parts
            Purple - radiation hazards, contaminated materials
            Black - traffic areas or housekeeping warnings (for lighter color surfaces)
            Grey or Brown - general purpose marking

      · Additional Marking Tape sizes available as a special order: 1" and 4" widths
      · To apply on floors, we suggest utilizing a Floor Tape Applicator
      · For floor color arrows and dots, see Floor Marking Symbols

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