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Inventory Tags with Stub

Numbered tags for warehouse inventory tracking and repairs

• Each tag has a perforated stub -
  ideal for inventory control

• Both stub and remaining tag card
  are pre-numbered for convenient
  tracking and status reporting

• Standard #8 tag size 6-1/4"x3-1/8"

• Manila card with a reinforced hole

• A pack contains 1000 numbered
  tags and unattached tie wires

2 part inventory tag
Pictured front and back: Tag # TTS
Inventory Tag Stub Applications
      · Ideal for receiving, re-stocking, counting, moving or repairing inventory
      · Accurate control of inventory turnover and part status (repairs, production, etc.)
      · Maintain record both with product (card base with wire) and for records (detached stub)
      · Information spaces on each tag includes:
            Front: Base - Article or Material, Amount, Unit, Counted By, Tag No.
                     Stub - Article or Material, Amount, Unit, Size, Counted By, Location, Date,
                                   Priced By, Checked By, Unit Price, Total Value, Remarks, Tag No.
            Back: Date, In, Out, Balance columns in a running ledger chart
      · Choice of tag pre-numbered sequence (packs of 1000):
            Begin: 1000    2000    3000    4000    
               End: 1999    2999    3999    4999
        NOTE: For orders of 5,000 tags or more, customer may custom order additional numbers     

Sample Inventory Tag Stub
   · Simply note a Part # from the chart below, then complete the Sample request form
Sizes and Prices (specify sequence starting number in shopping cart):

To order: click Part # to place in shopping cart

Tag Size
H" x W"

Qty *

Part #
6-1/4 x 3-1/8 1000 138.00
* Each package includes 1000 unattached tie wires
1. Customer selects sequence starting number for
entire order (see above for pack Begin numbers)
2. If customer orders more than one 1000 pack but
does not want them in one consecutive sequence,
then place each sequence as a separate order in
the shopping cart
Ex: one pack of 1000-1999 and
      second pack of 3000-3999
or: two packs, both 000-999

   Inventory Tag Stub Options
      · Replace wires with Cinch Straps
      · Inventory Tags - Two-Part  

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