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Bar Code and Custom Warehouse Labels

Tough, laminated, custom printed warehouse barcode labels for any distribution center or warehouse location

• Custom designs - your locations,
  barcodes - you define it, we print it!

• Lamination protects against dirt,
  splashes, bumps and sunlight

• NO minimum quantities, only a
  minimum label order of $75.

• NO set-up charges

• Output your existing inventory
  location (bar code) data to us

Custom printed bar code label on rack
Pictured: Label # LBP3X10 2-color

Popular Bar Code Label Applications
      · These labels are tough and laminated for warehouse and industrial environments
                  Standard style - for cleaner facilities with minimal bumping
                  Premium style - for harsher facilities and contact with other materials
      · See chart below for more style information and pricing by label sizes
      · Bar coding warehouse racks, shelves, uprights, totes, bins, crates, containers
      · Bar coding multiple rack levels on one man-down label for convenient scanning
      · Identifying washable totes with completely sealed premium laminated labels
      · Rectangular or square inventory stickers - much tougher than basic paper labels

Custom Labels

Multi-level multi-color

Under rack location
Tote washable
Label group placard
multi-level label on rack   retro-reflective label on high level   premium label on washable tote   group label placard
# LBP3X8
# LBR3X6
# LBP1X4
LBS2X10 (3)

Durable bar code

Tear-resistant sticker
Wire racking label
Label construction
removeable label   high quality sticker   bar code label on beam under wire rack   label construction view
# LBP3X10
# LBS2X4
LBP illustration

Bar code and Custom Label Options
      · Label mounting: magnetic, flexible plastic, hanging - see Label Mounts
Bar code formatting, consecutive numbering, and other label sequencing
      · Colors: black, red, blue, green, yellow - indicate on quote form
· Additional sizes - customization charge of $50-100 may be applied
      · Freezer labels with special adhesive can be applied at low temperatures to -10° F.
      · Retro-Reflective labels for scanning long range to labels on higher rack levels
      · Rack upright mounts for attaching your man-down multi-level labels

      · We can apply labels to color Shelf Label Magnets for quick and easy repositioning or
        affix multiple bar code label groups on a placard for convenient scanning

Designing Your Label & Submitting Your Data File
      · See How To Tip #2 for suggestions on formatting your label design

      · To properly submit your label data, see Label Data Files for format and instructions
      · FOR ORDERS & QUOTES: to confirm your design or data file is usable or
        for assistance in selecting the best size or style - Upload Your File Now
        for our review and acceptance. We will respond by the next business day.

Sample Custom Label Material
   · Simply note a Part # from the chart below, then complete the Sample request form

2 Laminated Styles - Choose the best material for your facility




Synthetic with a
matte overlaminate

Very good

Shelf, rack, bin -
with minor dirt
dirt and bumping;
water resistant

Polyester with a
clear overlaminate


Indoor / outdoor,
protects against
oil, solvents, water
sealed (tote wash)

Sizes and Prices (indicate specifications on quote form)

Select Part # and go to quote form below

H" x L"
Part #
Part #
Price Ea.
1 x 2 ** .09 .13 .03
1 x 3 ** .13 .20 .04
1 x 4 ** .16 .22 .06
1 x 6 ** .21 .34 .07
2 x 2 .14 .20 .07
2 x 3 .22 .36 .08
2 x 4 .23 .37 .08
2 x 6 .32 .54 .12
2 x 8 .42 .71 .16
2 x 10 .50 .85 .19
3 x 5 .37 .60 .13
3 x 6 .42 .69 .14
3 x 8 .55 .90 .19
3 x 10 .59 .95 .20
4 x 8 .65 1.10 .24
4 x 10 .72 1.21 .26
4 x 12 .86 1.44 .31
* Price for each label includes one color (for additional
colors, see rightmost column)
** Trimmed sizes are about 1/16" less than actual height
and length dimensions

1) Volume discounts for larger orders - call or email for
a price quote
2) Minimum label order of $75 per label size, design, color
3) Customer data to be provided in a compatible format
(Excel preferred);
multiple level labels, complex  label field formats, and
other non-standard file formats may incur a one-time
data conversion charge  (usually only $50-$100)
All Custom Warehouse Labels are made specifically for you.
Simply complete the information below for a PRICE QUOTE.
Then to place your order, reply to the quote with your approval.
Bar Code and Custom Warehouse Labels Quote
* Indicates required entries  
* Part Number:
Ex: LBP2X6 
* Quantity:
1 to 999999
* Line 1 Content:
Describe the top line -
include character height,max. length
of the line,bar code size, colors, and
sequence characteristics
(200 chracters max)
  Line 2 Content:
Describe the next line -
include character height, max. length
of the line, bar code size, colors, and
sequence characteristics
(200 chracters max)
  Line 3 Content:
Describe the bottom line -
include character height,max. length
of the line,bar code size, colors, and
sequence characteristics
(200 chracters max)
NOTE: We recommend faxing a sample design to 317-580-4024.
Explain custom graphics, unique size
dimensions, or other specific design
(200 characters max)
* Name:
* Company:
  Shipping Address1:
  Shipping Address2:
  Other State/Province:
  Zip/Postal Code:
* Your Email Address:
* Verify Email Address:
* Enter the text from the image: security code
We will promptly respond via email or fax with your price quote.
Please note that this price quote is NOT yet an order.
To order: simply reply to the price quote or contact Customer Service.

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