Sign Letter Sizing Guidelines

Shelf Tag Supply specializes in custom lettered signs. We are happy to add vinyl characters to any of our blank signs. We have supplied a chart to help you determine the correct size sign and character for your needs. If you need additional assistance, we are happy to help you choose the appropriate sizes, please give us a call at 1-800-851-8980.

First, you should determine your character height by the needed viewing distance. The character height will dictate the sign face height. After you decide the heights, use the chart to determine the sign width. The number of characters is listed across the top of the chart.

Then, you have the choice of compression. We can compress the width of the characters to make them fit on a smaller sign. Once you determine your number of characters and sign width, you have your final sign and character dimensions.  Note - compressing characters to make them "skinnier" results in the character being less readable so avoid compressing where possible.

We list our sign part numbers as height x width, so QH16x24 would be a hanging sign that is 16” high and 24” wide. Our character part numbers are QL plus the character size, so QL10 is a 10” high single character. We list our blank signs and vinyl characters with separate part numbers.

We hope you found these size guidelines helpful in creating your custom letter signs. We have a 2-5 business day lead time for custom signs and will get them out to you quickly! Again, please contact us if you would like a formal quote emailed to you or if you need assistance with your sign selection.