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Can I see a sample? Can you send me a new catalog? Do you have a dealer or reseller program? Benefits of using custom labels to organize shelves over traditional labels?Can I fax or email the order to you?Can I get a mixed color pack?Can you drop Mr. Jones and add Mr. Smith to the catalog mail list?Can you include my logo?Can you print my load limits?Can you send me a W9?Can you ship overseas & international?Do you accept returns?Do you have a template file for perforated cards?Do you have overnight or expedited shipping?Do you install labels?Do you offer volume discounts?How can I organize my warehouse better with custom barcodes/labels?How can I pay for this?How do I find the best Warehouse Management System for my needs?How do I get a bar code?How do I get an invoice?How do I open an account? How do we get started?How do I track a shipment?How do we send our computer graphics or upload a data file to you?How much do you charge for shipping and handling?How quick can you ship that out?I am not sure if we have ordered from you before?I do not know if I have the most current catalog? My products came in damaged what can I do?What colors do you offer?What custom elements should I add to my barcodes & labels?What is the best way to label inventory shelves?What is the process to get the tax removed, if we are a tax exception agency?What time zone are you in?Where are you located?Where can I place barcode labels/card holders? Can I customize my card holders with magnets/adhesive?
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